Compostable Packaging

Here at Sseko, we are on a mission to make sure the products we are producing help keep our Earth amazing today, tomorrow and 50 years from now. From raw materials to production to shipping! It's important to us and we know it is important for you! 

We are proud of the strides we are taking daily to make this a reality, and one of the most important ones is our commitment to using compostable bags when possible! 

Our compostable bag ensures that your new Sseko product isn’t damaged during the journey from our global artisan partners to YOU. We’re committed to using only one bag throughout the whole shipment process AND it’s made from plants and biodegradable polymers that will break down in six months! 

All of our compostable bags are backyard compostable, as well! So feel free to throw them in with your apple cores and banana peels! They will compost with no issue. 

Don't compost at home? Not a problem! You can find a place near you that does. You can find your nearest one here

Thanks for loving our planet! 

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