How can I get Involved?

Here at Sseko, it takes people all across the country (and the globe!) to help us share the Sseko story. Want to get involved? Here are a few ways to contribute:

  • Become a Sseko Fellow! Bring the Sseko story to your community, and earn money while doing so! The Sseko Fellows Program is our direct sales program, and you can find out more information on our Sseko Fellows Page.
  • Host a trunk show! Hosting a Sseko Trunk Show is easy! Here's how it works: 1) Pick a date! 2) Invite your community 3) Prep a great space for your Sseko Fellow to share the story and show off the goodies! 4) Have a blast! Visit this page to start!
  • Share on Social! Use your social media presence to help us spread the love. Share images on Sseko Designs Facebook or Sseko Designs Instagram with #ssekostyle so we can see what you're up to! Have a favorite blogger? Tell them about us!
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