How can I check my Order Status?


  • When you make your initial purchase, you will receive your confirmation email containing your order invoice via email within 1-3 hours. 
  • Within 4-6 business days of your purchase, you can expect to receive a shipping confirmation email and your product delivered by the 6th business day (not counting the purchase date). If it has been over 6 business days since you placed your order and it has not been received, please reach out to our Customer Care Team using the information below. Please note that due to the effects of COVID-19, we cannot guarantee a delivery date and delays may occur with USPS deliveries that are outside of our control. We will do everything we can to ensure you receive your order promptly!
  • If you have any questions regarding a missing package, wanting to cancel an order*, or any other questions about your order, please feel free to reach out to Community Care at or (503) 542-7492. We are always happy to help!

*Unfortunately, we are unable to guarantee the cancellation of an order once it has been placed. Despite this, our Community Care Guides are more than happy to assist you.

Preorder Items:

During the COVID pandemic, we believe it is a better customer experience to have as many items available on the website as possible “today.” Due to international delays during the pandemic, we have added a larger amount of inventory on a "Pre-Order" status on our website to allow you to reserve inventory we have yet to receive. We will continue to work with our partners to make the systems we use better for you.  Here is what you can expect today:

Communication on the Product Page:

When you purchase an item on Pre-Order, you will notice that the item will include "Pre-Order" in the title:

By selecting the "More Info" button, you can review the expected shipping date of that item:

Note: If you do not select "More Info", you will not receive further notice of the expected shipping date.

How to Check the Order Status:

To check on your order status, you can log-in to your account at any time to review information about the status of your orders.  

You will be able to see:

  • The status of the order (Shipped, Back Ordered Etc)
  • Which items have been shipped 
  • Get tracking information for your shipment(s)

To sign in, you can follow these steps:

  • Click on the top right corner of the Sseko website (person icon)
  • Login to your account using the information you used when your original purchase was made (email and password)
  • Click on My Orders
  • Search for the Order
  • View information for that order

    Tip: Watch this quick video to view how you can login to your account to view Order information.

IF an item has not shipped, go the detail page for that item on the website to view the latest information for when that item will ship. If your item has not separately shipped within 10 business days of the expected shipping date, please reach out to our Customer Care team at for an update.

I'm Missing An Item - What Do I Do???

If you are missing an item, it is likely that the item was either pre-ordered or it is a custom item, which ship out in monthly batches (for more information regarding custom, please review this page under the "How It Works" section).

Once you receive your shipment, you will receive a packing slip that reviews which items are on pre-order and which items should be in your current package:

The Order Summary section will contain all items you have purchased within one order. If an item shows *BACK ORDERED* in the item status column, it is likely it is on a pre order status. To review your expected shipping date for the item, please visit the product page for that item (as shown above). These items will be separately shipped by the expected shipping date, and may take 4-10 business days to arrive. If your item has not separately shipped within 10 business days of the expected shipping date, please reach out to our Customer Care team at for an update.

The Packed Items section will show you all items that should be included in your delivered shipment. If you are missing an item from this section in your recent delivery, please reach out to our Customer Care team at for an update.

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