Why am I getting a payment processing error at checkout?

PayPal is our payment processor for all payment types. If a Credit Card, Debit Card or PayPal have any issues the customer is going to see a PayPal error. General things we can do when someone has issues while checking out:

#1 Issue is that the Billing Address doesn't match the address of the payment method used. Whatever address the customer enters needs to match the payment methods address (ie the address on file with the Credit or Debit card company). If you are entering your customer's shipping address, but using your card to pay, make sure you change the billing address!

#2 If it isn't related to the address you can check the expiration date or CVV code

#3 If it isn't any of those the customer needs to check with their issuing bank as they can flag the charge as fraud and cut if off

In general ANY errors on the cart are going to be related to 1-3 above. If you have trouble shooted each of these issues and still are having trouble, please email fellows@ssekodesigns.com or call us at 503-542-7492.