Can I Save My Payment Info Prior To An Order?

If you have an account already set up in our system, you are more than welcome to save your information to be kept on file prior to placing a purchase! Many customers prefer to save their info to allow their Sseko Fellow to assist them in placing orders-- this is a great way to get this set up! 

How to: 

  • Log in to your Customer Account here. If you do not yet have a profile created, work with your Fellow to get one set up. After creating a username and password, you can log-in as normal. 
  • From the main landing page, select the "cog" icon, representing a "settings" page in the upper right-hand corner.
  • This will open your Customer Back Office!
  • From here, select "Payment Methods" 
  • Select "Add New Credit/ Debit Card" or edit a previously saved payment method.
  • Using the drop-down menu that will appear, enter the information for the card you would like to store on file!
  • Your information is securely saved for your future reference!
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