How do I redeem my gift card?

To redeem a gift card code, please watch this video & follow this process:

1. On the last page of your checkout process (after verifying a credit/debit card), you will find these two buttons next to your shopping cart sectionl: (Do NOT attempt to enter this code in the Promo Code section)

2. To redeem gift card, select "Redeem Gift Card" and withdraw the funds needed

3. When the funds are withdrawn, that amount will be deducted from your subtotal (make sure this change is made before you proceed

4. To finalize your purchase, select "Charge Card and Order Now" 


  • A gift card code can only be applied ONCE. Once you apply a gift card, the remaining funds are transferred to your Sky Wallet that you may withdraw for future purchases by selecting the "Add payment from Sky Wallet" button (see example above). If you have applied the gift card and the credit is not listed as a deduction in the subtotal, select the Sky Wallet button to withdraw these funds.
  • When you receive your email confirmation, you may notice that the full amount of your purchase is recorded without your gift card deduction shown. This does not mean that your order has been entirely charged on your card. Rather, since gift cards are another method of payment, you can be confident that this portion has been paid by both your gift card + debit/credit card if needed. (To double-check that your credit/debit card was charged correctly, please review your bank statement. If there is an error, please email us at immediately, and we can issue an immediate refund.)
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