Are there any additional fees involved when I become a Fellow?

When you become a Fellow and purchase the Legacy Kit, you are also purchasing a monthly Technology Subscription. This subscription is free for your first 60 days! After that, it is $11.99/month or you can choose to upgrade to a yearly subscription (saves you 15%) for $122.30. 

What’s included with a Technology Subscription (Monthly or Annual):

  • Personal Website 
    • This is the website your customers will shop from so all sales under this website will be affiliated to you
      • Ex:
    • You will be able to share your personal website with a potential Fellow and they can click the Join link, pick their kit, sign the agreement and will be automatically on your team 
  • Your Events will have a unique Shopping URL
  • Access to reporting for your team, and detailed reporting on sales 

What’s included with a Free Account - No Technology Subscription: 

  • No Personal Website
    • You will be able to place orders for your customers through the Back Office but won’t have a shopping url for them to place orders themselves
  • Your Events will NOT have a unique shopping URL
    • You will be able to create Events and place orders for your customers at those events within the Back Office Party Portal 
  • You will have a Back Office with basic reports, but no team reporting will be available    

After the 60 Day Free Trial 

  • Once your 60 day free trial is up, you will be automatically charged on a monthly basis. We will email you when the 60-day mark is coming up. Please include in your contacts in order to ensure you are receiving these messages from HQ. 

To Update Your Subscription: 

  • To update your account from monthly to annual, email our Community Care team at and they can help make this update!
  • To downgrade to a free account (no technology subscription), email our Community Care team at and they can help make this update! 
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