Are you a charity or a business? How much of the profits of each sandal goes to the women?

We are a socially proactive, Not-Just-For-Profit business. This means that we are not a charity and do not operate with a traditional non-profit, donor/fundraising model. Instead, we have created our business model around these women and their needs. That means, like in a traditional business, we front all the money to pay for the supplies, training programs and their salary which is the money that goes towards their tuition. Because every employee of Sseko Designs earns above a fair wage, they are able to put over 50% of their salary in a fund that goes directly towards their university education. 

At the end of the program, each woman will receive a scholarship from Sseko that matches 100% of her savings. We here at Sseko are all extremely passionate about using a traditional for-profit business model to provide income, job creation, education and professional opportunities. Business and consumerism are arguably the most powerful forces in our world today. Every dollar you spend is a vote for the way our world will do business and see our "stuff." We are excited to be a part of a growing movement that uses "patient capital" to combine philanthropy and traditional business models to change the world. Interested in learning more about our model and core mission? Visit our Mission & Impact page! For more information on Sseko's Lowest Wage, please visit this page.

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