How do I reactivate my Fellows account?

There are two options to re-start a Fellows account.

1. Re-activate:

  • Call HQ during our office hours (see below) at 503-542-7492 and let them know you want to re-activate 
  • You will be charged a one-time fee of $25 to reactivate your account. 
  • If you re-activate, you will have access to all your data that was in your Back Office when you were inactive, and your original replicated site (it's possible your site was taken while you were retired). 
  • PLEASE NOTE: If you would like to opt-in to a Technology Subscription, this must be added in a separate order upon joining. Click here for more info. 
  • Re-activating Fellows will not have access to Strong Start or Promotion bonus rewards a second time.  Re-activating Lil Sis do not count towards yearly trip point rewards for the Big Sis.

2. Re-Join:

  • Inactive Fellows can choose to simply buy another Starter Kit, and Re-join as a new Fellow.
  • Your account will be "new" and no customer or order information from your previous Fellows account will be present, and you will not have access to your old replicated site
  • Re-joining Fellows (and their Direct Upline) will have access to all rewards, promotions, and trip points for their Big Sis.

For both Re-Activating and Re-Joining the original Upline will be assigned the re-starting Fellow by default.  If you would like to request a transfer to a different Upline during the re-start process, HQ will coordinate with both to determine the best relationship for all parties.

Sseko HQ Office Hours:

Email Support Hours: Monday - Friday, 11am - 8pm ET

Phone Support Hours: Monday - Friday, 12pm - 3pm ET
Phone: 503-542-7492

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