Customer Loyalty FAQ's

Customer Loyalty FAQ

Who can join the Loyalty Program?
The Customer Loyalty Program is available to US residents who are at least 18 years old at the time of enrollment. JOIN HERE

What are the fees for joining?
To join this program, customers pay a $29 fee that is charged annually on their enrollment date. JOIN HERE

What kind of perks do I get?

  • 10% off all orders
  • Free ground shipping for orders over $100 
  • Seasonal exclusive offers

Can customers use customer loyalty perks through events?
Yes! They will need to sign up for the Customer Loyalty Program first by purchasing the MembershipPerks do not apply towards the initial Membership purchase. After this purchase, they can start shopping through the event link and get all the perks like 10% off and free ground shipping on orders over $100. 

How long will my benefits last?
Your Loyalty benefits will last the entire calendar year following your $29 annual fee.

How do I cancel my Loyalty perks?
Please email our team at to cancel. To receive a refund of your $29 annual fee, you must cancel within 30 days of the processing date.

Other questions?
Contact our team at for further support!

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