How do I care for my leather goods?!

Proper care and maintenance of your leather products helps to ensure your favorite Sseko goods will stay beautiful for years to come! We sell a leather protectant on our site that we highly recommend.  You should apply this protectant at least every 6 months--more if you use the bags/ shoes frequently.

To clean simply wipe it with a soft damp cloth. Water can damage/dry out leather over time, so ensure the cloth is damp not wet. (Non-Suede products)

For general maintenance, dust the bag with a soft, dry cloth. Use a white cloth to prevent color transfer and try not to dampen or wet the leather as water causes stains and warping. If the bag has a stain that sits on the surface of the leather, brush it off with a soft-bristle nylon brush. Brushing the bag cleans it and refreshes the nap. Take care not to brush too hard and damage the leather. (Non-Suede Products)